Almost three years after he was first ordered by a judge to cough up a payment, Tyga has finally handed over half of the $200,000 he owes to Jason Arasheben, a well-known celebrity jeweler based in Beverly Hills.

According to TMZ, Tyga’s lawyer appeared in court today (November 1) to inform the judge that the Compton rapper will settle the debt, with the full amount to be cleared by November 17.

Back in late September, when the case was still ongoing, it was reported that Arasheben’s attorney, Danny Abir, was planning to question Tyga’s girlfriend, Kylie Jenner, about the lavish gifts she’s received from him, including a $320,000 white Ferrari 482 Italia and a $200,000 black Mercedes Maybach.

The $200,000 owed stems from two pieces — a diamond watch and Cuban link chain that Tyga received in 2013 and allegedly didn’t dish out any cash for. According to a tweet the rapper sent in 2013, the pieces from Arasheben were gifted to him.