Ludacris has made his Chicken -N- Beer album a Chicken and Beer restaurant that opened today (November 17) at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in his hometown of Atlanta.

“It took me three years, but it’s finally coming to fruition,” Luda says in an Instagram video as he tours the spot. “Anything that’s worth waiting for is worth having. And we are finally here: Chicken and Beer. I seen it come from my third album, triple-platinum album all the way to a restaurant.”

The rapper announced the plans for the venture on Twitter back in 2012. He previously owned a restaurant called Straits, which opened in 2008, but closed upon the news of Chicken and Beer.

Fans can visit the Chicken and Beer restaurant at Concourse D while they are traveling through the ATL.

“I’m talking about great food, great drinks, great energy, and my employees are the best employees in the world,” he continues as his workers cheer in the IG clip.

The menu is full of all the soul food you could ask for from chicken and waffles to Southern fried apple pie.

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Ludacris joins a long list of rappers who have ventured into the restaurant business. T.I.’s Scales 925 restaurant has had its fair share of woes as its employees filed a lawsuit for unfair wages and he faces eviction.

Drake was influential in opening the Fring’s restaurant in his hometown of Toronto, although his involvement is more of a co-sign than in investment.

Check out additional pictures of Ludacris’ latest business enterprise below.