Birdman has pulled the plug on contract negotiations with Lil Wayne … at least for now.
TMZ reports that the two were close to reaching a settlement on Wayne’s $51 million breach-of-contract lawsuit, until Weezy declared his allegiance to Roc-A-Fella Records during a concert in Los Angeles last weekend.

As we reported at the time, Wayne changed the lyrics in the chorus of the song “I’m Me” from “I’m a motherbleeping Cash Money millionaire” to “I’m a motherfbleeping Roc-A-Fella millionaire.”

Birdman, who is said to have issues with Jay Z, felt disrespected and decided to halt settlement talks with his “son.”

Wayne filed the lawsuit in January of this year against Baby and Cash Money Records.
The suit claims that Cash Money violated the deal in three ways.

1. Not paying Wayne an $8 million advance when he began recording Tha Carter 5 in December 2013.

2. Failing to pay Wayne an additional $2 million upon completion of the album a year later.

3. Refusing to release the album.