50 Cent has unveiled his new underwear line with FRIGO.

The limited edition collection, called FRIGO Crown, consists of two pieces: a $150 t-shirt and a $150 boxer brief.

“For a man, everything comes three in a pack,” 50 Cent explained while talking to People. “No one’s saying, ‘Let me figure out how to evolve men’s underwear.’”

Fif played a huge part in the design of the collection’s lion logo, too.

“It makes a statement,” he says. “So we went through different designs until I was like, ‘This is what looks best.’”

For those who are looking to purchase the boxer brief, Fif’ offers some advice: “Wear them when you know some action is going to take place. Hopefully you’ll put them on and take them off shortly thereafter!”


50 Cent signed a reported $78 million partnership with FRIGO in late 2014. In addition to Fif’, the Swedish underwear company has worked with the likes of Carmelo Anthony, Timbaland and Derek Jeter, though the latter has since terminated his relationship with the organization.