We all know and love The Melisizwe Brothers, and if you haven’t already heard of them, get familiar because the rest of the world is!

The three brothers, Zachary – who is 9 years old, Seth – 10 and Mark – 13, have consistently WOWED the Vincentian public with their amazing vocals and aptitude with musical instruments but now, their talents are garnering world wide attention, thanks to the wonderful world of social media.

A clip of the brothers singing “I’ll Be There,” sang by the Jackson 5, was posted on the Instagram page of @biggabestbuys, a page that currently has a following of over 118 thousand people, with the simple caption, “#WOW,” and an overhead caption that expressed disbelief that Zachary is actually sounding like Michael Jackson. Since it was posted, ONE day ago, the video has garnered 386 thousand views, with many people likening the trio to the Jackson 5.


The video was also reposted by another instagram page, @charlie_chops, with the caption “Is this angel real?!? help me find them so I can be their biggest fan 😱😍(thnx @beasweetbeauty )”

It’s safe to say that these extremely talented boys are well on their way to stardom!

Fin out more about the boys on their Instagram page @the_melisizwe_brothers or Facebook page The Melisizwe Brothers.