It has been a popular myth that Jamaicans do not indulge in oral sex.

However, acording to Mr Vegas… Maybe they do.

Jamaican Grammy star, Sean Paul, in an interview with The Breakfast Club crew, was asked by Charlamagne whether or not he “eats pum pum,” to which the “I don’t mind” artiste responded, “Yes” then later changed his answer to “No”.

A video of this interview was reposted to our Instagram page, which caught the attention of Mr Vegas, who responded, “So what if the man eat pum pum? The whole a unu nah eat it? Man a eat, woman a eat, everybody a eat”


This poses another question. Is this a confession? By “everybody”… Does this mean he also indulges in oral sex and the myth is exactly that…? A myth?

What are your thoughts??