T.I. has always been a realer than most. Less we forget, it was the ATLien who swung on Floyd Mayweather Jr for saying some unsavory things about his wife, Tiny, and if he’s willing to swing on a boxing champ, T.I. has no issue protecting his family from anyone including a disrespectful fan.

The Us or Else artist was spending quality time with his daughter Dejah and the two went out to eat. T.I. being such a dad captured a video of his curly hair cutie, which Dejah wasn’t too keen about, and later posted it with the caption “#IsntSheLovely, #ThatsMyBaby”

Some misguided, poor soul, unaware of T.I’s fearless track record, thought it would be best to leave an inappropriate comment about his daughter under the video Tip posted and well, T.I. swiftly reminded said misguided, poor soul that not only can he catch these hands, but all his followers can too.

#PressPlay: #TI ain't afraid to go back to jail for his kids 😩😩😩 #ClapBackSeason

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“You and your 623 followers will get wiped the f**k up playing with me about mine. Try me.”

Ahh, this young lad must not know.

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