A man hailing from the southland region of New Zealand has alleged he is the estranged son of Prince which is just one of the handful of claims that have surfaced since the singer’s passing earlier this year.

The New Zealand Herald reports Max Stacey McCormack told the Minnesota court on Monday (Dec. 5) he has photo evidence to prove he is the heir to the singer’s estate. Documents also showed McCormack claimed Prince lived in New Zealand where he met McCormack’s mother. While David Crosby of Bremer Trust, the company that holds the singer’s assets, acknowledged that the two bear a “mild physical resemblance,” says the odds are pretty slim. He also claimed it is “nevertheless theoretically possible” that Prince could have been the father of McCormack.

“We must admit that we are somewhat skeptical of your claim, given our understanding that (Prince) was completing high school in Minnesota in 1976, as opposed to living in New Zealand for several months,” Crosby said.

McCormack has until Dec. 12 to provide DNA tests for himself and his mother.

Other claims have been dismissed include imprisoned rapper Carlin Williams, who insisted Prince was his father, Claire Elisabeth Elliott, who says she married the singer in Las Vegas and a man who says the entertainer quietly promised him $1 billion.