50 Cent and Gully Bop are believed to be working on something big, according to D-Teck. Could be some new music or could be a cameo in the new season of Power.

Earlier this week the dancehall artist and the hip hop mogul sat down for a meeting at his New York office. There was a lot of chatter when a photo of the two surfaced, with some folks questioning the authenticity. Yesterday a PR rep for Bop confirmed with Urban Islandz that the images are authentic and a meeting did take place.

Not much detail has been divulged about the meeting, but we’re told that 50 offered Gully Bop a deal. Konvict member D-Reck also confirmed on IG that the two are working on something huge. “Look can you believe its the same guy, Gully Bop,” Teck said. “We just leaving the G-Unit office right now. Big things is on the horizon for Gully Bop.”

The viral dancehall star also confirmed that 50 Cent was the one who reached out to him and his team for the meeting which took place at G-Unit’s office and lasted around 30 minutes. Bop’s manager Kshoya was also in the meeting with the rap legend.