Apple’s unleashed 104 new emojis as of Monday reported Emojipedia. It’s been well worth wait for emoji like facepalm and shrug, first approved by the powers that be back in June. It’s the latest news to delight iOS users after rightfully getting the peach emoji back to its original plump form.

The emoji updates includes 72 emoji made available in the iOS 10.2 beta released last month, with some changes. The updates also changed most emoji giving them a 3-D effect. Before you spend tireless hours scrolling through rows of emoji to find the new additions here’s a breakdown of what to expect.

(Here’s what some of the new transportation emoji look like now, plus the new additions of a scooter and motorized scooter.)


Because, really, there can never be enough emoji to describe your munchies, there’s now emojis for: avocado, bacon, pancakes, carrot, potato, peanut, kiwi, cucumber, croissant, baguette bread, paella, salad, egg.



Duck, butterfly, shark, fox, rhino, gorilla, deer, bat, eagle, owl, lizard, shrimp (not in it’s aformentioned fried form), squid. And yes, people have already made Cincinnati Zoo animal who shall not be named jokes (as seen below).

The updates also include even more professions for your emoji people, including scientist, teacher, mechanic, farmer, and judge, but still no gavel emoji (Bring it back!) Those have been released to include both men and women.