Dancehall’s leading superstar Vybz Kartel, a few days ago publicly shared his outrage after realizing his most successful, and what he believes is the Dancehall album of the year was snubbed in this year’s nominations.

Vybz Kartel believes nominations are all based upon association rather than lyrical wittiness and creativity, the deejay felt so strongly about it he had to air his views on social media.

Vybz Kartel started his rant on Twitter by co-signing a fellow industry-mate Freddie Mcgregor’s earlier comments regarding grammy nominations, “Yes Freddie McGregor. F**k jboog and rebelloution.mi never hear dem boy de inna Jamaica yet. A bay sadamite run reggae Grammy.”

Kartel then began to make the rage a bit more personal when he started to take direct jabs at Nigel Staff, A multi-instrumentalist Reggae recording artiste/producer and songwriter, Vybz stated he has respect for Staff but believes he’s putting up a facade for personal benefits.