With Floyd Mayweather training Soulja Boy for his upcoming fight against Chris Brown, 50 Cent is trying to even the playing field a little bit by calling on Mike Tyson. 50, who has been tirelessly trying to fill out an entire fight card for this event that no one wanted in the first place, revealed on Instagram that Soulja was recently robbed in Los Angeles. But, as the saying goes, the show must go on.

Since he believes Mayweather was taking a shot at him by working with Soulja Boy, 50 has decided to get in Brown’s corner. His first order of business is to get Breezy someone who can work with him, and that’s where Iron Mike comes in.

Breaking News: It's Show time Baby!!! #putthegunsdown lol

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Shortly after posting that clip, 50 put up another video on Instagram of his conversation with Tyson. “Listen Mike, they say Floyd’s going to be training Soulja Boy, so I said I’ve gotta get Mike Tyson to train Chris Brown,” 50 told Iron Mike. Tyson seemed more than happy to lend a helping hand, responding, “Yeah, Soulja Boy’s gonna get fucked up!”

More breaking News : Watch me work, I got Iron mike on the line. #thefightstillon

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If you’re interested in actually seeing these two fight, this latest news may have sweetened the pot a little bit. If you could care less, just go ahead and carry on with your day.