Soulja Boy and Chris Brown are actually going forward with this boxing match idea. In a series of tweets Sunday (Jan. 8), the 26-year-old rapper claimed to be fighting Brown in honor of Rihanna.

“After I knock Chris brown out I’m going to crank that Soulja boy and super man in the ring on his stupid a**,” promised the Atlanta native.

“I was going to chill but now I’m going to finish this n*gga,” SB wrote in another tweet. “I’m doing it for Rihanna. That was f*cked up how he beat her a** like that smh.”

He also took shots at Mike Tyson, who’s apparently training Breezy for the fight. “What the f*ck is mike Tyson gonna teach Chris brown?” he wrote. “How to bite my ear off? b*tch the money team never lost shoutout big bro Floyd [Mayweather].”

The tweets didn’t stop there either. See more below.