21 Savage has found himself the center of controversy once more after putting out a tweet the seemed to support the idea of rape culture. In a series of now-deleted posts, the Atlanta rapper tried to explain his position, but might have dug a deeper hole for himself.

The Savage Mode artist first posted this tweet that caught the attention of fans and detractors alike:

“I work hard so I feel like the ladies supposed to fuck me and let me do my thing it’s mandatory you please me for all this hard work baby!” wrote Savage. Immediately, users on Twitter chimed in with their thoughts and the rapper attempted to defend his initial statement.

“Everything I say y’all try and twist it fuck I look like supporting rape y’all dum as fuck,” Savage fired back in since-deleted tweets. “A real bitch should see how hard a real nigga is working and want to give him Lee way and not try and make him commit or tie him down.”

Naturally, Twitter gave Savage a lesson in what rape culture means, but he has since stepped aside from the barrage of responses. A few of those hit backs can be viewed below.
21 Savage

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