Vincentians awoke to an eerie reminder of the rock gutter tragedy that crippled a nation little over 2 years ago; This time tragedy struck at home from abroad. Four person were pronounced dead at the scene of a grim accident in Graeme Hall, Barbados, three of these person being Vincentian nationals. A deadly suspense took most Vincentians Sunday morning, causing most to check up on their family and friends in Barbados to confirm that they indeed were alive. That confirmation of life however was not granted to the families of Danee Horne, Carianne Padmore and Aziza Dennie – who died on what would have been the morning of their return to our blessed country.

Aziza Dennie

Carianne Padmore

Danee Horne

The three technical vocational students were on an internship at the famous Crane Hotel in Barbados. Promising students with great prospects in life. Everyone one seemed to have high hopes and expectations for these students – in a surreal recap well wishes even included pleas for protection and safety while abroad.

Hot 97.1 and staff expresses its deepest condolences to the family of the bereaved and mourns at this time for the loss of three our nations youths.