Sita Di Lyrical Diva A.K.A the firstladysvg is due to drop a mixtape entitled “Rough It Up” where Soca meets Dancehall……the mixtape features over ten songs that span from the early stages of her career to date, it also features collaborations with Icon and soca giant Skinny Fabulous and a new song called “Handle it” due to be released soon.

Sita thanks all the producers that worked with her over the years including Kamall Archibald of Sound Domain Studios, Lester I roha of 4th Dimension Studios , Alex “kubyushi” Barnwell of Non- Fiction studios , Obed of Crash Landing Studios , productions, Yard Block Music of Jamaica and Dougal “Dfresh” Allen who produced or recorded most of the songs on the Mixtape….

The mixtape is hosted by “likkle Genius of Jamaica of the Dancehall World news team.