Nicki Minaj is currently beefing up security around her, after her mansion in Los Angeles was burglarized.

Thieves broke into the the 11,500 sq. ft palatial home this week and made off with roughly $200,000 in jewelry and other items, TMZ reported. The site reports that the home was trashed on the inside with furniture knocked over and items strewn everywhere as if the theives were frantically looking for a specific item.

There were signs of forced entry into the home and most of what was stolen was jewelry. Speculations are that the giant diamond ring that Meek Mill gave to Nicki Minaj and her old barbie chain are gone in the swoop. That’s not all, sources also told the site that Nicki’s clothes were cut up and some personal items such as picture frames and perfume bottles, damaged.

Nicki Minaj was out of town when the burglary went down. Her team made the police report and cops are now actively investigating the incident.

Just yesterday Nicki Minaj made headlines when she posted a few photos of herself with Drake and Lil Wayne signalling a reunion following her split with Meek Mill.

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