Remember Jeremy Meeks? Of course you do.

He’s the man whose mugshot went viral a few years ago, due to his incredibly good looks and stunning features. Social media dubbed him “prison bae,” and he was signed to modeling agency Blaze Models after being released from prison in 2016 for felony weapon charges.

Now, the 33-year-old ex-con is putting those good looks to use on an international stage. According to CBS News, Meeks was a runway model during New York Fashion Week on Feb. 13, where he walked in clothing from German designer, Philipp Plein.

His all-black ensemble consisted of a puffy, leathery winter coat with a fur hood, a sleek bomber-esque jacket and sneakers with multiple zippers. When asked why he put Meeks in his show as a model despite his criminal past, Plein said it’s because “we’re all bad boys.”

Meeks thanked Plein for the opportunity on his Instagram page, and said that his experience walking in Fashion Week was “epic.” It looks like more great opportunities are headed Jeremy’s way.

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