We may be nearing the end of the saga of the boxing match between Chris Brown and Soulja Boy, and (perhaps to the surprise of few) it’s looking more and more like this one finishes with a fizzle rather than an epic rumble in Dubai.

Soulja Boy jumped on Twitter again Sunday (February 19) to taunt Chris Brown, saying Brown was afraid to sign the contract and that the beef was over.

“Can’t believe this nigga scared to fight me sign the contract Bitch Ass nigga set up the boxing match,” he wrote in the multi-tweet rant, continuing with, “Nigga talked all that Shit just to back down and not sign the paper work. Not about that life. No action. Don’t wanna hear about this ever” and “Now we all know Chris a Bitch don’t bring this shit up to me ever again. He ain’t wanna see these hands. Facts.”

Fight promoter Wack 100 also recently explained that Breezy was the one holding up the bout. “Everybody signed off on the fight but Chris Brown, so that’s on Chris Brown,” he said in a clip uploaded to YouTube by DJ Akademiks on Saturday (February 18).