Veteran Recording artiste Beenie Man stopped by the Entertainment Report (ER) last week to speak about why he believes 90s Dancehall is better than the music being produced today.

According to the Doc, current artistes aren’t making authentic dancehall music and that’s the reason their songs fade quickly, “The music is not lasting, weh dem do is, dem take a piece of the music like the lyrical context,” he said. “Like a Chris Martin would sing ‘Gal a guh tek mi chalk and mark up yuh black board’ but the beat is not the same, it have a more hip-hopish beat,” he added.

Beenie says new Dancehall artistes should listen to foundation producers like Steely and Clevie, Sly and Robbie or Mafia and Fluxy to hear why the world fell in love with the genre. The “King of Dancehall’ added that 90s acts are still selling out venues because of their catalog and performance ability so persons would rather see them than any Dancehall artistes from the 2000s.

He also spoke about American Rapper Big Sean sampling his 1996 classic hit single ‘Romie’ on his new album “I Decided.” “It’s a great look for me because it’s the second international artiste that sample a Beenie Man song, it was Drake last year, now it’s Big Sean this year, so i’m just waiting for somebody to call me and say we need you in a song,” he said.