It’s official. Diddy has announced that he became hip hop’s first billionaire.

On YouTube, Puff revealed the news that the hip hop world has been waiting for, for years now. The video starts off with the mogul eating lunch. After dining for a bit, he walks into his other office — who knows how many he has?? Then, he drops the bomb.

“A young boy from Harlem, I couldn’t even be a waiter,” Puff said to the camera. “They didn’t want me to be a waiter, so you know what I did? I became a billionaire.”
And then, we were like…

Forbes previously reported that Dr. Dre’s worth was the second highest in hip hop with $710 million. Jay Z came in third with a worth of $610 million, Birdman is in the 4th spot with $110 million and Drake rounds out the top five with $60 million.

With the countless amounts of businesses Puff has, this new milestone has been a long time coming. Clap for him.