We are very excited to introduce you to Radicals!
Radicals is one of our two Hot97.1FM Party Nation Carnival Tuesday Sections!

Packages start at $595 with a guarantee of ULTRA Premium everything! On the road we are all one and as such we’re drinking unlimited Hennessy, Johnnie Walker Black, Ciroc, Bailey’s, Campari, Malibu, Absolut Vodkas, Premium Rums, Mojitos, Margaritas and so much more… Join us for Breakfast on Carnival Tuesday and indulge in our Decadent Hot Chocolate catered by Vincentian Chocolate… Chocolate never tasted this good… Also look out for our delightful chocolate pastries and cakes made with real Vincentian Chocolate… and for lunch, we invite you to dine on our Party Ship, ULTRA!!! For the first time ever on Carnival Tuesday all of our masqueraders are invited to lunch on our Party Ship in comfort. And with unlimited snacks we’ve got your every need covered.

With 2 monster music trucks, Hypa 4000 & 2 Kool Kris – we’re ready for the road, a good time guaranteed!!!

Register online www.partynationsvg.com or at Vincentian Chocolate Company, Beachmont, Masterroom Studios Montrose or Hot971 Kingstown.