There’s been a lot of talk on social media this week about an alleged altercation between Sean Kingston and Migos on Tuesday, February 21 at the Sands Expo and Convention Center in Las Vegas.

Kingston sat down with Las Vegas television station 8 News Now to give his side of the story. According to the singer, nine men including the three members of Migos jumped him.

“I went out there thinking we were gonna have a conversation,’ he said. “They FaceTimed me, ‘Yo, let’s talk like men. I miss you … let’s chop it up.’ As soon as I went out side there was no talking. They just started jumping on me, throwing punches. I didn’t have a chance to put my set up. I didn’t have a chance to do nothing. It was very shocking because no matter what happens … it’s kinda like, they’ve been to my house, I’ve been to their house. My mom cooked for them.”

Kingston is not exactly sure why the alleged assault happened.

“I’m hearing different stories,” Kingston told 8 News Now. “I’m hearing it had something to do with Soulja Boy. He was at my house and I said something in a video they didn’t like.”

The fight halted when Kingston’s best friend, Moises “Bo Jack” Johnson, fired a gunshot into the air. Nobody was hit, but TMZ reports that Jonson was arrested and charged with 3 felony counts for pointing the gun at 3 people and felony possession of a firearm without a permit.

There have been no other arrests in the case.