For a while, Steve Harvey took the crown when it came to award show mix ups. The comedian and talk show host famously announced the wrong contestant as the winner in 2015 for Miss Universe. The blunder resulted in Steve Harvey being dragged online in some of the best Internet comedy to date.

However at the Oscars Sunday night, (Feb. 27) Warren Beatty beat Harvey at his own race and announced La La Land as the Best Picture when in fact it was the Berry Jenkins-directed Moonlight. The mistake was only made worse when the cast had to hand over the awards after having already given their acceptance speech. On Monday Steve Harvey decided to have a little fun at Warren Beatty’s expense while on his radio show.

Clearly loving the moment (and probably taking a bit of solace in the fact that others now realize simple mistakes can cause huge ramifications) Harvey continued taking light jabs at the two-time Oscar winner.