Section RADICALS – frontline.

The ULTRA PREMIUM All-Inclusive Mas Experience.

All sections and both frontline and backline cater for sizes from SMALL all the way up.
All packages get the identical ULTRA PREMIUM experience: – UNLIMITED ULTRA PREMIUM drinks.
– Complimentary photo booth picture.
– Breakfast – Sweetie Pie Bakery pastries, fruit, yogurt, sandwiches, hot chocolate,etc.
– Lunch served on ULTRA the party ship.
– Unlimited Snacks on the road.
– Rolling bathroom VIP bathroom facilities on the road with attendants.
– Rolling Air conditioned VIP lounge.
– FLOW “Up D Ting” talk & data packages.
– FREE access to all #partynation events on board ULTRA.
– Hypa 4000, 2 Kool Kris, X & Dogg Soundschemicalx Alex and Jayden.

Packages start from EC $595.

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