Dancehall artiste Spice got some new ink on Sunday, the Queen of Stage tattooed a dagger in her back and took to social media to share the reason with her fans.

According to the Needle Eye deejay, she decided to go with the dagger because of the countless times she has been betrayed in the past, “Decided to get a tattoo art today and I choose a dagger stabbing in my back because I’ve been stabbed in the back many times by people who I help the most in life but I’m still standing,” She wrote.

“This dagger represents all the disloyalty that happened in my life’s journey but I don’t regret them because they made me stronger. I will always remember the great Bob Marley words “Man to Man is so unjust you don’t know who to trust your worst enemy could be your best friend and your best friend your worst enemy” Thanks @lord_iprince for working through my bawling 😭 a joke you know I took that pain on my spine like a man🤣🤣🤣,” She added.

#Spice got some new ink 💉🗡

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