During a recent stop on Andy Cohen’s Watch What Happens Live, actress/supermodel, Naomi Campbell revealed she has no issues with Rihanna, despite any reports that may have surfaced stating the contrary.

A curious viewer asked Campbell a question that alluded to some sort of rift between the two over Instagram un-follows, and a lack of public appearances together. When first asked the inquiry, Campbell cooly replied, “Everything’s fine.” Still, by the look on her face one can tell her answer wasn’t genuine, or perhaps something was off.

But like a true veteran, the trailblazing model quickly turned it around. “I don’t have beef,” she affirmed. “I don’t have beef especially with black women that I think are powerful out there—we’re all in the same thing, doing the same struggle.”

Campbell’s conclusion was polished at the end, but whether or not she and the pop singer are at odds is up for question.