Sunday 2nd April Private Mt. Wynne Beach – early bird tickets go on sale this Friday – $40 while stocks last.

The day time party that goes into the night!!
Pack up the COOLER with all your favorite drinks, invite the crew, we LIMING hard!!

Bringing the VIBES Jamaica’s legendary Chromatic Sounds feat. Creep Chromatic alongside 2 Kool Kris, HypaActive Sounds feat. Hypa 4000 & DJ Bedz, X & Dogg Sounds, Team Energy Overload, Stereo Damage Entertainment, Outta Road Jugglers, C4 & Swagga and Alex & Jayden.

Each COOLER before 2.30pm gets for FREE:
4 x Hairoun Beers
1 x Pussy Energy Drink.

Full Bottle Drinks available for purchase, along with drinks by the glass and bags of iCE.

Remember no glass & no ice.