Vybz Kartel‘s freedom is no longer looking so far fetched after an appeal court judge gave the dancehall star the green light.

On Wednesday, Justice Frank Williams handed down perhaps the most crucial ruling in the appeal process, giving the deejay’s attorneys the go-ahead to proceed with a full appeal. Kartel’s attorney Thomas Tavares-Finson said that the judge read through all of the court documents and felt confident that there are grounds to appeal the controversial conviction.

“It’s the first but critical step in the appeal process,” Tavares-Finson said. While this is only the beginning stages of the appeal, the ruling is an important step to boost the deejay’s moral and reinforced what his lawyers have been saying about the numerous problems with the murder case.

Thomas Tavares-Finson, the son of Vybz Kartel’s lead attorney Tom Tavares-Finson, added that they will proceed with a full case in the Jamaican Appeal Court in September of this year. “We will move on to a full appeal in September,” he said. “It is a limited victory, but an important moral victory for my client, as it reinforces the notion in his mind that justice will be served and he will be acquitted.”

Other attorneys representing the other co-convicts echoed the same sentiments. Shawn “Storm” Campbell attorney Miguel Lorne says that the four men stand a good chance of winning the appeal. Bert Samuels, another attorney representing Campbell, is optimistically cautious, saying that the appeal will be just as difficult to prove as the trial.

Attorneys representing the four convicts, Vybz Kartel, real name Adidja Palmer, Shawn “Storm” Campbell, Kahira Jones, and Andre St John, have until June 5 to submit their skeletal arguments and by July to file authority. The prosecution has until July 17 to make their counter-arguments. This means by the end of the year the appeal trial should be in full motion.