Cheaters Paradise was a very anticipated event (big ups to Hypa 4000), after all, the event already has a legacy of unadulterated fun coupled with a lighthearted approach to the devastating truth of cheating and heartbreak. Only this time, it included live performances for the first time, with “Freaky Girls” artiste – Ricky T and a whole lot of foam was added to the mix, making it an even more anticipated event!

As in the past, everybody expected to have their fun and head home, if any cheating was done, it was never really heard of. What nobody expected, was for that night to bring down the curtains on the relationship of a very popular local couple.

At some point, during this epic night, local artiste – Keido took the stage to perform a few tracks from his catalogue and called on a few ladies to demonstrate their whining skills on stage, a challenge taken up by a few ladies, including the young lady in this particular couple. During the performance Keido issued whining instructions, “Slow whine,” “Make love to me now,” “Go pan yuh head” all of which said girlfriend obliged to. While on her head, Keido proceeded to position himself between her legs and demonstrated a new whine called the “Stiff whine,” which appeared to be a series of vigorous thrusts, at then end, the young lady fell backwards and into a split on the stage. At the end of the performance, Keido asks the crowd to give the young lady a round of applause as she hops offstage and added, “Bathroom over on that side… If yuh wah clean up!” See video below:

Live with Lester Hairoun #OnDeEndz @Cheaters Paradise (Artist Performances Cont'd)

Posted by Lester Iroha on Tuesday, March 14, 2017

However, the following day the relationship status of the young man was changed to “single” alerting all of social media that his relationship was over.
Meanwhile, the girlfriend’s Instagram stories revealed that the break up was attracting numerous men who are now flocking to her inboxes and dm’s.
Keido, on the other hand, who caught wind of the break up, posted the following video to his Facebook page captioned, “Don’t throw it all away!!!” Where he referred to the couple as one of his favorite couples, saying it was “just entertainment.” See video below:

Don't throw it all away!!!

Posted by Kamara Keido Foster on Thursday, March 16, 2017

So… This couple appeared to have been in a very solid and supportive relationship. Should they have broken up over something like this? Is the young man upset because his girlfriend took to the stage, because she danced with another guy or is he upset because of the “Stiff Whine”? Or all of the above?
Word on the street is that the young lady is taking responsibility for what occurred and has admitted that she knew she was wrong but was she really wrong? Is it wrong for a young lady to dance this way on stage? Is she wrong because she had a boyfriend? Did she disrespect him?
From the video footage, it seems to us that Keido invited her onstage to demonstrate her dancing skills, not necessarily to dance with him and it was while she was already on her head that he took the opportunity to demonstrate the “Stiff whine.” Seems to us that the young lady was not in the position (forgive the pun, lol) to decline, even if she considered it. So should Keido hold some responsibility here? At the end of the performance, when Keido said “Bathroom over on that side… If yuh wah clean up!” Was that a bit disrespectful? Or was it all in the name of performance? Did the young lady sign on for “anything goes” when she took it upon herself to grace the stage?

Tell us your thoughts!