After Tiny called her a “pass around b**ch” on Instagram, video model Bernice Burgos is clapping back at T.I.’s estranged wife with some words of her own.

Over the weekend, one of Tiny’s fans commented under an IG post of hers and said that she was a “strong woman” for dealing with rumors about Tip and Bernice hooking up. That’s when the former Xscape singer responded, “I ain’t losing no sleep over no pass around b**ch! Bless him & her too!”

Since then, the model has been defending herself against critics — even an old friend of hers.
But now, Bernice is aiming shots at Tiny. In a SnapChat story, the model went off on the R&B singer for calling her a “pass around b**ch.” She clapped back, “Never been a pass around b**ch… Bleepas respect me out here, in these streets. It’s so sad that b**ches really gotta make up bleep to make me look bad. Honey, I’m good at the end of the day.”
Poor TI!!!