A man who is an executive at the label home of Fetty Wap, has been charged in connection with the shooting that took place after the “Trap Queen” rapper was robbed at a deli in Paterson, New Jersey on Sunday, March 26.

As we previously reported, Raheem “Fuzz” Thomas allegedly took more than $450,000 worth of jewelry and cash from Fetty, in what appears to be the culmination of a long running feud between the two.

Following the robbery members of Fetty’s team started shooting, leaving three men wounded. TMZ reports that RGF Productions executive,Sylvester Huffin, allegedly shot two members of Thomas’ crew, then accidentally shot himself.

Huffin was arrested and charged Monday with 2 counts of first degree attempted murder, as well as 3 other weapons charges.

Thomas is facing aggravated assault, theft and multiple gun possession charges.