The women of The View have shared their thoughts on the now-pulled Pepsi diversity ad, with Whoopi Goldberg finding the good in Kendall Jenner’s intentions for appearing in the commercial.

Speaking with co-hosts Sunny Hostin, Joy Behar and Jedediah Bila Thursday (April 6), the legendary comedian believed the supermodel didn’t mean any ill will when she starred in the video. “I don’t know if it’s offensive,” said Goldberg. “I think it’s maybe her trying to say something that says we’re all one. She’s trying to do something good and I’m not pissed at her.” She went on to explain that the idea might’ve been presented to the 21-year-old in a monumental light.

Goldberg pointed to iconic images that show love throughout protests like “Flower Power,” the image of the late George Edgerly Harris III placing a sunflower into the barrel of a gun at a anti-Vietnam war demonstration.

“Listen, now, there are some things where you can say ‘Hey, you need to be more sensitive,’ but this ain’t one of them,” she said. “This is a bad commercial, that didn’t work….Remember, you see it on paper, it looks good, it looks smart.”

The amount of backlash quickly lead to the company pulling the ad and issuing an apology to the public and Jenner. Hostin took the ad as Pepsi appropriating the Black Lives Matter, a comment Goldberg didn’t agree with.”It’s just a crappy idea, it didn’t work,” she said. “[But] this cultural appropriation stuff is really starting to make me crazy. If we’re gonna go with cultural appropriation, wear natural hair. If we’re wearing white lady hair, isn’t that appropriation as well?”