As Fortune reports, Amazon is currently on its way to becoming the source of 50% of all United States e-commerce sales. The online retail giant is expected to hit the 50% mark by 2021, largely due to the success of the Prime membership service and the Marketplace program. “Amazon is still outpacing the overall industry’s growth, extending its lead over rivals,” writes Phil Wahba. At present time, Amazon accounts for 34% of online sales in the United States.

With Amazon’s dominance of the U.S e-commerce market, the company and its CEO have some pretty major plans for the coming years. Jeff Bezos — who also stands as the world’s second-richest person — is taking his space tourism endeavors quite seriously, even going so far as to reveal plans to pump a billion dollars of his own money into Blue Origin. In the past few weeks, Amazon has also pushed for a heavier presence in the worlds of football and grocery shopping.