Two vehicles collided on Fountain Road after 3:00 pm this afternoon, when minivan H2235, heading into town, attempted to overtake another vehicle without properly observing the on coming traffic, resulting in a collision with minivan HV21, approaching from the opposite direction.

According to a passenger of minivan H2235, who was nursing a bleeding chin, the approaching vehicle, HV21, made an attempt to swerve away but was ultimately unable to prevent the accident.
Three other passengers, including a school girl, were taken away in a police transport after it became evident that their injuries might be serious.

This accident comes on the heels of recent discussions on the ills of our current transportation system, especially after a video of two minivans overtaking another minivan on the two lane road at Casson Hill went viral just a few weeks ago.
Many have been calling for the government to introduce a public transportation system to combat the reckless driving, obnoxiously loud music and other issues they presently face with the current transportation system, run by privately owned minivans.