Tech aficionados Samsung have stated on Monday that the pre-order sales for the Galaxy S8 outpaced those for the Galaxy S7. The flagship broke sale records by 30 percent before the company even shipped a single unit, making it Samsung’s “best ever” launch of a smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 — which is available now — was launched as the successor to the Note S7, which was met with loads of controversy due to its faulty batteries prone to catching fire. Samsung’s record-setting pre-orders suggest that consumers are ready to look past the brand’s mistakes, at least for now. Samsung Electronics America president and chief operating officer Tim Baxter states:

“At Samsung, we believe it is a privilege to make groundbreaking products that are enjoyed by millions, and have recommitted ourselves to innovate, not only with new products and services, but also in process.

The Galaxy S8 and S8+ are a result of that recommitment and the market has responded – with a more than 30 percent year-over-year growth in pre-orders versus the record pre-orders we had with Galaxy S7, making it our best ever.”

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