The fallout from the ill-fated Fyre Festival is not over.

ABC News reports the organizers of the event are facing a $100 million proposed class-action lawsuit.

Daniel Jung filed the suit on behalf of all the festival attendees.

He is accusing the people behind the event of fraud, breach of contract, breach of covenant of good faith, and negligent misrepresentation.

Jung claims the event’s “lack of adequate food, water, shelter, and medical care created a dangerous and panicked situation among attendees – suddenly finding themselves stranded on a remote island without basic provisions.”

Tickets for Fyre were reportedly between $4,000 to $100,000 per person.

Platinum-selling music artist Jeffery “Ja Rule” Atkins became the face of the Fyre Festival disaster, and he had to issue an apology for the horrible conditions at the supposed showcase in the Bahamas.

Ja Rule, tech entrepreneur Billy McFarland, and Fyre Media are named as defendants in the suit filed in the Central District of California.

Jung hired well-known attorney Mark Geragos, the lawyer who previously represented celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, and Winona Ryder.