Popcaan is stronger now even though someone inside his own family is trying to get him down.

The Unruly Boss hinted on his Instagram page that a member of his family is hating on him and or working behind his back to undermine his career. “It’s really scary when your own family see things on the internet and would believe things ppl say and not you,” Popcaan wrote. While he didn’t give any details about the problem he is facing, sources inside his camp say that folks around the deejay are leaking things to the internet and actively trying to undermine his career.

One specific thing that sources say is bothering Popcaan is a rumor that Drake bought him the Range Rover. “Popcaan buy him own vehicle no other man no buy the man vehicle, but haters say anything on the internet and people believe everything them see on the internet,” sources claim. “Where the problem come in is when your own family and people inside your own circle start believe the foolishness that people put online.”