According to TMZ, Travis Scott’s former management company, LCAR Management, is currently suing him for roughly $2 million.

The suit alleges that a three-year contract signed by Scott with the company back in 2014 agreed to give the company 15 percent of all Scott’s earnings in that time. LCAR believe they’re owed about $2 million, but they claim that Scott has only coughed up $37,000.

Lyor Cohen, the man behind LCAR, is currently the Global Head of Music at YouTube and a former label executive at Def Jam. The suit is being filed in order to establish exactly what Scott has earned since the contract was signed, and to establish what LCAR is owed.

TMZ followed up this original report with an update from “sources close to Travis,” who said that Scott felt as though Cohen and LCAR “weren’t lifting a finger for him” and that “he was managing his own career… so he left for a better management company.” The source went on to brand the lawsuit as “ridiculous.”

This comes days after Scott’s Bird’s Eye View Tour comes under investigation because fans were jumping off of the balcony levels into the mosh pit below.

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