Vogue India is facing heat for putting Kendall Jenner on the cover of the magazine’s latest issue.

Readers criticized the fashion mag for featuring a non-Indian model on the cover of its 10th anniversary issue.

“Vogue ‘India,’ celebrating its 10th anniversary in ‘India,’ in a historic Indian palace…featuring an American model …is it just me or did @vogueindia failed to see the irony in that,” one reader wrote on Instagram.

“Couldn’t you pick an actual Indian model/actress to celebrate your 10 years?” someone else wrote.

Another added, “I know dozens of GORGEOUS Indian/ Bollywood women that would’ve been way better suited for this. But instead they went with what they THOUGHT would bring in more readers….. BACKFIRED.”

Jenner recently found herself at the center of a scandal when the 21-year-old appeared in a Pepsi ad many people deemed offensive, with some stating it made light of the Black Lives Matter movement. Pepsi later pulled the ad and apologized for its content and to Jenner for involving her in the controversy.