Authorities have reportedly released one of three alleged suicide notes left behind by former New England Patriots star Aaron Hernandez.

The handwritten note, below, addresses his fiancée Shayanna Jenkins. “Shay, you have always been my soulmate and I want you to live life and know I’m always with you,” Hernandez writes before ominously expressing she knew “what was coming indirectly!”

He reiterates his love for her, references God and asks that she look after his “boys,” alluding to perhaps what could be her financial security. “You’re rich.”

Jose Baez, the late star’s attorney, is reportedly not thrilled about authorities making the letter public, calling it “unnecessary” and “amateurish.”

Nothing yet on the contents of the other two letters: one to his daughter and the other rumored to be for his gay lover—the latter having been dispelled by Baez himself.

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