Our favorite time of year; the music, the vibes, the bacchanal, the fetes, the drama.

For 15 years we have been right in the heart of Vincy Mas from beginning to end, showcasing SVG’s tremendous talent, diverse music and unruly fete culture (as Skinny says “we don’t party normal!!!), so join us and let’s CELEBRATE TOGETHER this magical time of year.

Look out for our packed calendar of official Hot97 events: H2O Soca, Dirty Sexy Soca, Pumpin, Coolers & Coconuts, Freedom (Carnival Monday Band) & our partnership with PartyNation on Carnival Tuesday.

Also look out for some event affiliations as we turn it up for the season.

We are 100% SOCA.
We are the HEART of CARNIVAL, the SOUL of SOCA.