Kalado is being accused of stealing Dexta Daps’ ‘Owner’ video concept after he released a similar video called ‘Sexcited’ just a few hours after Dexta Daps dropped his explicit short film, ‘Intro.’

Fans took to social media accusing Kalado of being a copy cat and even went as far as dissing the music video and female actress, calling the video “flop” and saying that the female actress has “ugly a** titties.”

Kalado has hit back saying that he is not copying or in competition with any other artist. He went on to say that his video was shot in November of 2016, shortly after which teasers were shared on his social media pages. He claimed that he wantes to scrap the video after the release of Dexta Daps’ video but the producers want.

See both videos below:
Dexta Daps