It seems like Jessica’s Owner (Dexta Daps voice*) has come to claim her from Flanka’s place.

Earlier today, while browsing the World Wide Web and checking up on our favorite people, we checked in on Jessica and noticed that she was missing and the following message was left in her place:

So of course we had to head over to Fryktion to see what was up, and lo and behold… the Ruffy N Tuffy Riddim – produced by none other than Fryktion himself! The riddim, released in 2010, includes songs from Alla G, Problem Child and the popular “No Money, No Wuk” by Fya Empress and it has an incredibly similar taste to Jessica.

Check out the Ruffy N Tuffy riddim and compare it with Jessica below:

So is Jessica that give away the #Whole_Hog 😂😂 check out flanka other contribution for vincy mass 2017 #Jessica this one…

Posted by Karlson Fraser on Friday, May 5, 2017

Well Flanka boy… seems like somebody took the Whole Hog from Fryktion! At least you can rest easy now, knowing that Jessica will no longer be bringing man in your place.