Apparently, it’s baby-making season and Brandy may or may not be getting in on the action. Early Monday morning (May 22), the singer posted a cryptic photo thanking God for the joy she receives for being used by Him, while promising to cut back on her clap backs. The photo features Brandy singing to a crowd, accompanied by what seems to be a barely-there baby bump.

The already mother of one has been showering her Instagram followers lately with her smitten relationship with recording artist, Sir The Baptist. In a post she reposted from his Instagram, he calls her “genius,” and attests that even though they’ve “already healed many thru song” prior to the picture, they are now “onto chasing each other around the world.” Brandy claims that she “sees God in [his] eyes.” Possibly a connection to let us know the two artists are expecting together? We’ll leave that to Brandy and Sir The Baptist to confirm themselves.

But former Moesha cast mate, Countess Vaughn did comment on the initial post: “Congrats on the baby I’m soooooo happy for you and I love you.”

Nothing is really over until the (possibly) pregnant lady sings a note of the truth.