Despite his warnings, Ishawna took the stage at the Bikini Fish Floss stage show in Portland and performed her controversial hit, “Equal Rights.”

Ishawna took the stage throwing jabs at Bounty killer.
“Mi seh some people affi guh cork dem ears…. dem affi guh cork dem ears tonight!”

“Bumpa to some bwoy nice cleeeaaan farid…. a dat mi seh,” an emotional Ishawna told fans during her set.

Ishawna went on to advice the female patrons at the show, how to get their “Equal Rights” just before Bount Killer took the stage.

Professor #Ishawna giving #EqualRights advice @freeupradio

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“Weh di clean mouth gal dem deh?,” Bounty asked the patrons, after he took the stage with a different mic. “If unu know unu can kiss mi pickney dem scream.”

According to sources close to the “Warlord,” while the artist has nothing personal against Ishawna, he won’t be taking any bookings with her in the future.