Vybz Kartel put the ice on a rumored freaky collaboration with Ishawna.

If you’re a fan of Ishawna and her new single “Equal Rights” don’t get too excited because Vybz Kartel will not be jumping on the remix or there will be no duet with the Gaza Boss. Rumors of the so-called “freaky song” collaboration have been making the rounds online this week. A rep for the incarcerated deejay exclusively told Dancehall HipHop that there is no truth to the story. “I personally asked Addi (Vybz Kartel) about it and he flat out said no, so I don’t know where this rumor came from,” our source insist. “I don’t know if they will ever collaborate in the future, but as of now, there is no such collaboration in the works. Keep the boss name off that Equal Rights something.”

Ishawna manages to get a firm grip on dancehall over the last few weeks with her raunchy new single “Equal Rights (Shape Of You Remix)” where she sings about males in Jamaica satisfying females by giving them head. Vybz Kartel has his fair share of raunchy singles with a similar theme and even got chided by Bounty Killer earlier this week at a stage show in Portland. You don’t have to ask if Gaza fans weren’t pushing back against the dancehall legend for his stance.