Konshens and I-Octane beef could get physical as both dancehall deejays send direct threats to each other.

Earlier this week, Konshens posted a video showing his Range Rover getting keyed by someone a hotel valet described as a rasta with a big belly. Since then tensions have been high between the Subkonshus deejay and I-Octane who have had a long standing beef.

Shortly after Konshens told his fans that if he finds the culprit things would get physical, I-Octane then posted a video firing off his own threats.

“Bwoy a chat bout lick, him must be sick / No bother see me in the streets and flip / Cuz me no join one bag a teeth and lip,” the singjay rhymes. Octane then added, “Look in my face it smooth tough, no boy can’t buss it and never buss it, correct.”