Major Lazer, Bacardi and Spotify have teamed up on a project called ‘Music Liberates Music,’ a program that is designed to give up-and-coming artists a chance to share their music with the world and one of our local artists has been chosen as a beneficiary!

It was on Youtube that Dynamite caught the attention of the Bacardi team, who then made inquiries about him from someone who happened to be his prefect in high school. The team proceeded to contact Dynamite about being a part of the project and flew to St. Vincent to begin filming him. They visited Dynamite’s favorite spots around St. Vincent and interviewed him on how he grew up, his life as an artiste, what music means to him and the makings of “Brave.” According to Dynamite, the Bacardi team also offered him the opportunity to work with Major Lazer, so look forward to Dynamite’s upcoming tours, with Major Lazer, throughout the Caribbean, the UK and Canada.

So… how does “Music Liberates Music” work? From June 6-30, Spotify, Bacardi will donate studio time for aspiring Caribbean artists everytime ‘Front of the Line’ is streamed. More listens, equals more studio time for these emerging artists, 50 plays is equivalent to one second in the studio and about 180,000 is equal to one hour but hey, this is Major Lazer,10 million plays is almost too easy.

According to a report from in an email to Fast Company, Major Lazer–made up of the trio Diplo, Jillionaire, and Walshy Fire–said when it comes to collaborating with brands, they look for partners that are willing to go beyond just writing a check to slap its logo on something.
“Our collaboration with Bacardi is not your typical brand partnership. Over the past few months, Bacardi has offered us the creative liberty and freedom to test, learn, experiment, and create so many exciting things, like bringing epic experiences to our fans, new sounds, and our recently debuted Limited Edition Rum, which is rolling out on shelves in the next two weeks.”