It is now a known fact that Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle, SVG’s number 1 export, is not only one of the top performers in the Caribbean but also on of the very best song writers. He has proven this once again with ‘Front of the Line,’ a song performed by Machel Montano and Konshens (who also co-wrote the song) and chosen for Bacardi and Major Lazer’s ‘Sound of Rum’ ad campaign and also their ‘Music Liberates Music’ program with Spotify – a project which is designed to support up and coming Caribbean artists by donating to them, free studio time.
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Skinny, who wrote the intro, the chorus and all of Machel’s verses on ‘Front of the Line,’ revealed that the song was originally signed to Bacardi and he is pleased that it is also being used in a project aimed at supporting up and coming artists in the Caribbean and ecstatic that Dynamite was selected to be a part of this program.

See song Bacardi’s ad below:

See ad for ‘Music Liberates Music’ below: